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Alentejo’s Heritage

During the restoration war, one of the greatest Portuguese heroes of all times was born. Castro Melo Dinis the defender of the difficult border of Alentejo was wounded 22 times in more than 111 fights.Onslaught after onslaught, battle after battle, from north to south of the province, his achievements were narrated in European salons and his face portrayed in Italian palaces as if it was an ancient myth.He survived the generals he fought, the kings who ruled him and the wounds that time left him. The victories in the Battle of Montes Claros, Ameixial and Elvas lines made him a legend.


International Monuments and Sites Day

The ATMPT is going to be a partner of an historical animation event which will be taking place at the Convent of Christ, on the coming 18th of april.


New ATMPT website

Innovating and presenting tourism and cultural activities which involve our History. More than information, the ATMPT offers a place of communication.