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Médio Tejo Route

Gualdim Pais

Two men were responsible for the founding of a new kingdom, they were motivated and supported by an order to which they belonged. Portugal is the achievement of a Templar dream and the 4th Master of the Temple, Gualdim Pais is the defender of that dream.

  • Places/Points of interest: 19

Alentejo’s Heritage

Dinis de Melo e Castro

During the restoration war, one of the greatest Portuguese heroes of all times was born. Castro Melo Dinis the defender of the difficult border of Alentejo was wounded 22 times in more than 111 fights.Onslaught after onslaught, battle after battle, from north to south of the province, his achievements were narrated in European salons and his face portrayed in Italian palaces as if it was an ancient myth.He survived the generals he fought, the kings who ruled him and the wounds that time left him. The victories in the Battle of Montes Claros, Ameixial and Elvas lines made him a legend.

  • Places/Points of interest: 24

In the Paths of Independence


The first time in history that two kings met face-to-face on the battlefield, Portugal was the best. The Battle of Aljubarrota was the outburst of a process that "stole" the Portuguese kingdom to Castile and consolidated its independence, all thanks to the superior political vision of Mestre de Avis along with the brilliant military strategy of D. Nuno Álvares Pereira, Santo Condestável.

  • Places/Points of interest: 5

The Portuguese Discoveries

National Symbols and overseas forts

Because of he barriers imposed on Portugal in the European land, Portugal turned to the seas. It was between waves that the greatness of the country was made, during one of its most prosperous periods, with new cultural realities discoveries. The navigator Nicolau Coelho, on board of his ship Bérrio, was there in all the important moments of The Discoveries.

  • Places/Points of interest: 73

Portugal by Sea

National Lighthouses

In a country with “arms open” to the sea, and with a vast shipping history, it is and has always been essential having this identifier element that allows us to return home. The Portuguese coast fulfils its role since the sixteenth century, with about 50 lighthouses spread over the Portuguese mainland and islands.

  • Places/Points of interest: 28

History of Our Weapons

Military Museums

Portugal, by being one of the oldest countries in the world, had to impose itself. And it imposed, often by military means. This route shows you the weapons and war instruments, tools and war vehicles which were and still are used by the Lusitanian troops in the battlefield, on behalf of the country.

  • Places/Points of interest: 13