Ponta da Barca Lighthouse

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Ponta da Barca Lighthouse

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In the northwest on Graciosa Island stands the cylindrical tower of Ponta da Barca Lighthouse, 23 meters tall and white with gray stripes. It opened in 1930, with an annex building, and has a light that reaches 37 kilometres.

The Lighthouse of Ponta da Barca (Portuguese: Farol da Ponta da Barca) is a beacon/lighthouse located along the 24 metres (79 ft) cliffs of Ponta da Barca, near the hamlet of Bom Jesus, civil parish of Santa Cruz da Graciosa on the island of the same, the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. Immediately near the lighthouse, is the emblematic baleia de pedra (whale rock), a curious geological basaltic rock that has resisted erosion, in the shape of a whale. The lighthouse includes a symmetrical single-floor building, and a 23-metre (75 ft) high cylindrical tower that extends its lamp to 71 metres (233 ft) above the ocean surface. It is considered a second-order lighthouse, which began operating on 1 February 1930.

The lighthouse, denoted as 797 (Internationally recognized as D-2676) is equipped with a 3-order leticular dioptric lamp with a 500 millimetres (20 in) focal distance, manufactured in 1927. Initially the beacon was produced by a mechanical system that rotated the incandescent lamp every 5 seconds, powered by a diesel engine (and with a butane reserve).

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