Ouguela Castle

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Ouguela Castle

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Address: (MDN) (há um episodio da guerra em que tropas espanholas atacam o castelo com milhares de soldados, as suas defesas tornam-se um exemplo – milhares contra 45 + moradores) – Ouguela, Campo Maior, PortalegrePortalegre
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600 knights and several Spanish infants failed the conquest of the square, leaving the dead in the fields and the stairs on the walls. Inside the square, the Portuguese defense, consisting of 45 men and women, celebrated yet another example of Portuguese value.

The Castle of Ouguela (Portuguese: Castelo de Ouguela) is a medieval castle erected in the civil parish of São João Baptista, municipality of Campo Maior, in the Portuguese district of Portalegre.

It is classified by IGESPAR as a Site of Public Interest.

Built on an escarpment, the castle dominates the village on the left bank of Abrilongo riverside, near its confluence with the Xévora river. Rebuilt by King Dinis (1279-1325), the castle received bulwark walls during the reign of King John IV (1640-1656). Its walls resembled the Spanish fortification of Alburquerque. It currently is a member of the Tourism-Promotion Plains Area.

Source: Wikipedia